The roof on your home is susceptible to any number of problems, and this should not be surprising given the tremendous stress it will face due to weathering. Unfortunately, the roof is one part of a home that many people know little about. A lack of knowledge about the roof can lead to numerous issues for your home, but understanding the answers to some common roofing concerns should make it easier for you to be informed about this part of your home.

How Will Upgrading The Roof Improve A Building's Energy Efficiency?

As time passes, your roof will start to deteriorate, and this can take the form of many problems. One of the more subtle may be a decrease in the energy efficiency of the home. Small gaps and cracks can form in your roof that will allow your heated or cooled air to escape. This will force your air conditioning system to work harder, which can raise your energy bills. Having your roof reshingled or replaced will seal these gaps, which should lower your home's energy use. 

Another upgrade that can be made to improve the energy efficiency of your roof is to install cool roofing materials. These are either roofing materials or coatings that are designed to reflect much of the sun's energy, which can help keep your home's interior cooler on a blistering summer day. 

What Can Be Done To Protect The Roof From Insect Damage?

Insects can cause extensive damage to your roof before you even know a problem is present, which can result in extremely expensive repairs. Unfortunately, there are many homeowners that do not take protective steps against insect damage, which can make their roofs far more likely to experience this type of issue. 

To minimize this problem, you will need to coat the roof with pesticides. These pesticides will prevent termites, ants and other damaging insects from harming your roof. However, the effectiveness of these coatings will weaken as it ages, and you will need to have a new coat applied every few years. Also, you should have your roof regularly pressure washed. This will remove any dirt or moss that is providing these insects with a home, which should further improve the resilience of your roof. 

Understanding the steps needed to keep your roof safe from any number of problems is an important part of being a responsible homeowner. By knowing what causes your roof to become a source of energy loss and how to protect it from insects, you will be able to ensure that your house gets the most from its roof. 

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