While a roof is designed to provide your home with protection from the weather, it will also provide protection from unexpected expenses that can easily put a big strain on your family's budget. For example, the cost to cool a home is a huge burden that people face every single year.

Metal roofing may be ideal for your home because of how infrequently it needs to be replaced as well how effective it can be as a roofing material. Here are some differences between copper and galvanized steel that will help you see how galvanized steel is the best option.


Copper can be very expensive when used as a roofing material when looking at the initial installation costs. This is because copper is harder to obtain compared to other roofing materials.

Galvanized steel will cost half as much as copper roofing materials, and give you a great value for what you get. It is a good compromise for those that want a metal roof, but do not have the budget for copper.

Energy Efficiency

What makes a roof energy efficient is its ability to reflect rays from the sun. The more reflective the surface is, the cooler your home will be.

Galvanized steel's reflectance rating is .61. This means that the material reflects up to 61% of sunlight that it absorbs. While copper has a higher .76 rating, it drops to .18 after a single year.

In the end, galvanized steel will be your best option for energy efficient roofing materials. Galvanized steel can also be treated using an additional coating that makes the surface more reflective than it is on its own.


Copper's big advantage is how long the material lasts, because the material can last well over 100 years. For comparison, galvanized steel's lifespan is about 60 years. Both materials offer a long enough lifespan where you will most likely never need to replace the material again as long as you are living in the home.

When you consider all of these factors, it should be clear that galvanized steel is a better choice. While galvanized steel doesn't quite have copper beat in terms of longevity, it is better at cost and energy efficiency over time. Think you want to go with galvanized steel for the roof of your home? Contact a local roofing contractor in your area for an estimate on how much it will cost you.