Has your roof begun to grow moss? If the problem is not yet so severe that it is causing shingles to peel away, you can probably take action yourself rather than having a roofing company come replace and repair your shingles. Just follow these three steps.

Step 1: Physically remove the moss.

Moss does not have deep roots. It mostly sits on top of the shingles, so it's pretty easy to scrape away. It's easiest to do this after you've had some rain and the roof is moist -- as long as you don't have to actually climb on the roof to reach the moss. If you must climb on your roof to reach the moss, wait until it's completely dry, so you don't slip.

Climb up a ladder to your roof, and use a long-handled broom to sweep away the moss. A rake may be needed to loosen moss that is more "stuck." If you have a pressure washer, spraying off the moss is another option. Use a medium pressure setting, or a PSI of around 2000.

Step 2: Address the shade issues.

Moss only grows in the shade. If you don't do anything to address the shade, it will just grow back. Usually, shade is caused by overhanging trees. Trim your trees so that your roof gets more sunlight, or hire a professional tree trimmer to come do this for you.

Step 3: Spray the roof with herbicides (optional).

Since the herbicides used to control moss can have a negative impact on the environment, many people prefer not to resort to this method. In fact, if you do a good job of reducing the shade on your roof, you should not need to apply herbicides. But, if you cannot keep your roof out of the shade, or if you want to be hyper-vigilant because your roof is still very new, you can follow up with this step.

Make sure you purchase an herbicide that specifically states it will kill moss. Those that contain iron and aluminum typically do a good job. Wear protective clothing and eyewear when spraying the roof with the herbicide. Keep in mind that just spraying the roof without first scraping off the moss is not likely to be effective, as mosses are more resistant to herbicides than most plants. Don't skip step 1 and move straight to this step!

If you notice that the moss has become so bad that your shingles are deteriorating, then it may be best to call a roofing company to come address the issue. They can replace the shingles that need to be replaced and also use methods similar to those described above to reduce future moss growth. Contact a company like Gulfside Roofing Inc for more help.