Animals will always try to sneak into buildings in search of a place to sleep or for food to eat, most commonly entering through the roof. Homeowners have to be wary of openings or soft spots in their home that could allow rodents or other animals to enter, as the droppings and parasites that wild animals carry could have serious health repercussions. Thankfully, there are several things that you can do to keep animals out of your roof and home.

Chimneys and Vents

Check to see if your chimneys and vents have openings in them that could allow animals to sneak into your home. If you don't already, you should install a screen of wire mesh, which will still allow air flow in and out of your home, but will prevent anything larger from getting inside. Even if you have already installed a screen over your vents and in your chimney, you should still check, as these screens can break over time due to weather exposure and physical trauma.


Sofits are the extensions that are underneath the edge of your roof that overhangs the wall of your home. If a blockage has occurred in your gutter system, they can become damaged by excessive water exposure. This could soften the material and allow animals to claw their way into your home. Do a walk around of your home after a particularly rainy season and check to ensure that there are no openings or rotten spots, and have them repaired if there are any.

Missing Shingles

Get on your roof and check to see if there are any missing or loose shingles. These provide an ideal opportunity for rodents and other small animals to start ripping away at the roof itself, gaining access to your attic or crawlspace where they can set up a nest. If there are missing shingles, you should check your attic for signs of animal inhabitants, and call an exterminator if need be. Then, you should have your roof repaired, which requires repairing the hole in the roof itself and then covering it again with shingles.


More of a preventative measure than a warning sign, you should trim trees that overhang your roof. Not only does this reduce the ability of animals to get onto your roof where they can try to gain access to your home, it reduces the amount of physical debris that will collect on your roof and in your gutter system, which allows for better water flow away from your home.

For more help ensuring animals cannot enter your roof, talk to a roofing expert, like those at Davis Bros Roofing.