If you have experienced areas within your home where water is leaking from your ceiling area, you most likely are dealing with a spot on your roof that needs attention. Roof leaks can cause excessive damage if they are not handled promptly, as the wood underneath the shingles can start to rot if left too long. Here are some tips to help you find pesky roof leak areas so you can make necessary repairs.

Look In Your Attic

Go up into your attic to check for signs that there is pooling water on the roof on the other side of the ceiling. Darkened areas are often present in areas where water has saturated through the wood, as mold may start to set in. These markings will help you pinpoint an approximate area on your roof where water is making its way underneath shingles. Look at the area directly opposite the markings first and then work your way up the roof as you search for spots where shingles are questionable.

Use A Garden Hose

Have a friend help you search for areas where water is seeping through your roof by watching for dripping water while you soak spots of the rooftop with a garden hose.  Start at the bottom of your rooftop and saturate one area for several minutes. Have your friend watch the ceiling inside for any signs of dripping. If there are none, move on to another area of the roof. Work your way up the roof until your friend alerts you water is coming inside.

Check Out The Gutters

If the leak is against an exterior wall or your home, it could very well be caused because of a gutter backup. Get up on a ladder and peer into your gutter system to see if water is pooling up inside. If there is an abundance of debris clogging the waterway, water can start backing up into your lowest layer of shingles. Use gloved hands to remove this debris so water can move through your gutters freely.

Search For The Signs

When up on your rooftop, search for areas where shingles are peeling or crumbling. Water can get through a small pinhole in a shingle, so you will need to look at each one closely for the beginning signs of damage. If you see a dust inside your gutters, it can be from shingles above this area that are disintegrated. Remove all debris from your rooftop as it can trap water underneath, making it more prone to seeping into spots where shingles are not intact. Contact a local roofer, like Suncastle Roofing Inc, with further concerns.