Whether it is because of leaks, storm damage or other problems, sometimes waiting for a roofer to fix your home can take time. While you wait, your home can be exposed to water and further damage that will increase the cost of repairs. While you are waiting, you may want to take steps to protect your home from the damage. Here are some tips to help you with emergency maintenance to protect your home until a roofer can complete the repairs:

1. Keeping The Right Tools Available For Roofing Emergencies

If you have a home with asphalt roofing, you will need to do maintenance to keep it in good shape. To do a lot of the maintenance around your home, you will need to have some basic tools and equipment. For roof repairs and maintenance, you will want to have things, such as extension ladders, a hammer, and a nail apron. You may also want to invest in a harness and ropes for fall protection if you plan on getting on your roof.

2. Sealing Up Small Leaks And Holes With Roofing Cement (Tar)

One of the common problems that you may have with your roof is small leaks. These can be due to simple things like wear and nails in your shingles. Leaks can also be caused by wind damage, which may only require the replacement of a few shingles to repair. Having a can of roofing cement or tar around can be good to repair leaks if you have to wait a significant amount of time for a roofer to come. There are also tubes of asphalt roof patching products, which are easy to apply with a caulking gun to areas like nail holes and other small leaks that you may find on your roof.

3. Installing An Emergency Tarp To Protect Your Home From Water

Sometimes, a pot of roofing cement may not be enough to temporarily repair major damage to your roof. If you have major storm damage or an area with a lot of wear, using a tarp to protect your home is a better solution. There are many different tarps available, and clear construction plastic will be the most affordable. But it may be a better investment to buy a tarp that is reinforced and durable. Tarps with nylon embedded in them can be good for this, and they can also be reused for many other projects around your home when you need to keep something dry.

These are some tips to help you with the repairs needed to keep your home dry while waiting on a roofer. If you need help with repairs to your roof, contact a roofing company to get the help you need repairing your roof.