If you live in an area with fire risks, improvements to your roof can help protect your home. One of the best materials to use on a roof to provide your home with fire resistance is metal roofing. It is available in many styles to give your home a unique look. Here are some of the different looks you will be able to achieve with new metal roofing for your home:

1. Standing Seam Roofing For Durability

One of the most durable roofing options for your home is a standing seam metal roof. This is a roofing system that has raised seams that usually overlap each other. Standing seam materials can have different finishes, which include powder coatings that will give your roof a durable, long lasting finish. These systems can be costly, but they will need few repairs or replacements. They can also have a rubber membrane barrier beneath them to improve the performance of your roof and protect wood decking from moisture.

2. Decorative Metal Roofing Tiles For A Custom Design

Metal roofing tiles can also come in decorative tiles that are installed much like shingles. These tiles can have a protective coating, or they can be a raw metal that will develop a patina over time for a unique look. This can be a good choice for your home if you are replacing an historic roof and want to stick with materials that were used during the time of construction, which can often be before the invention of composite asphalt shingles.

3. The Look Of Shingles, Shakes And Slates With Stamped Shingles

You may want the look for different materials like shake or slate. In some areas, it may not be possible to use wood roofing because of fire hazards. On some homes, roof structures cannot support the weight of tile or slate roofing. Metal roofing shingles can come in these styles and give you a solution to add these styles to your home. The metal roofing shingles can have texture like wood and a finish that gives them an authentic shake look that you want for your home.

These are some of the metal roofing choices you may want to consider to give your home the best protection against fire. If you are ready to have your roof replaced, contact a metal roofing service such as BCI Metal Roofing and talk with them about some of these options for the new roof on your home.