Your gutters play an important role in redirecting water away from your home's foundation. Like other parts of your home, your gutters will eventually need to be maintained or repaired. Here are some easy tips to help you repair common gutter problems.

Holes in Gutters

Whether you have steel gutters that have rusted over the years or vinyl gutters that have been punctured by tree limbs, a hole in your home's gutters is a problem you should address immediately. To patch holes in your gutters and prevent water from pooling around your home's foundation, first remove any leaves and other debris around the hole on the inside of the gutters.

If you are repairing metal gutters, use a wire brush to scrub rust and corrosion away from the hole. Spread roofing cement on a piece of metal flashing that is slightly larger than the hole, and then place the flashing over the hole on the outside of the gutters. Use a cement scraper to remove any extra cement that oozes out from the edges of the flashing.

Small holes in vinyl gutters can be repaired by covering them with silicone caulk on the inside of the gutters. For holes larger than a quarter of an inch, it is usually best to simply replace the damaged section of the gutters. Try to perform these repairs when there will be dry weather for a few days so that the roofing cement or silicone caulk will have time to adhere and harden to form a permanent seal.

Sagging Gutters

Many homes have gutters that were installed with spikes and ferrules. Unfortunately, gutter spikes are prone to becoming loose over time. This poses the risk that your gutters will come crashing down, causing damage to your home on the way and possibly injuring anyone standing below.

The most secure solution to fix sagging gutters is to replace the spikes and ferrules with fascia hanger brackets. To install these brackets, place the hook under the front lip of your gutters, and then screw the base of the bracket into your home's fascia. This creates permanently stable gutters without the hassle of removing or replacing gutter spikes.

Gutters are an easy part of your home to overlook, but taking steps to maintain them can help you avoid expensive repairs for foundation leaks in the future. Use these tips to keep your gutters in good condition for years to come. Contact a roofing company like Mitchell Roofing for more information.