Pressure washing can be a great way to keep your tile roof in good condition and free from dirt, mildew and moss. However, if you have not done it before, you might need some pointers to help you wash your tile roof safely and without damage to your roof or anything else on your property. Here are some things to keep in mind as you clean your roof.

Wear Good Shoes

Because your roof is slanted in many spots and will get wet, the right shoes are essential. Try to wear work boots or any other shoes that have good traction so that you don't need to worry about slipping down the sides of your roof as you use the pressure washer.

Spread Out Your Weight with Planks

To avoid too much weight on the individual tiles, it is a good idea to use plywood planks laid across the roof when you clean your tile roof. The planks will spread your weight out more so that it is not bearing down on each individual tile. On the underside of the planks, you might want to use foam board insulation so that your tiles are even more protected.

Use a Tarp for Bushes & Flowers

As you wash your tile roof, you might be focused on the tiles without thinking about the effect of the cleaning solution on anything else, particularly bushes and flowers that are located right up against your house. While you may very well have gutters and downspouts to catch cleaning solution that runs down the roof, it is a good idea to cover flowers and bushes under the eaves with a tarp or plastic while you are cleaning. That way you can protect your plants from overspray and any solution that doesn't end up in the gutters.

Remember to Buff

If you pressure wash the tiles on your roof without doing anything else, you might notice that the tiles may turn into a white, chalky color as they dry. You do not have to worry that something is wrong with the tiles or that the cleaning solution has damaged them in any way. You simply have to remember to buff after you clean.

Buffing the tiles with cloths that are dry and clean will allow you to wipe off any crystalline deposits from the cleaning solution so that your roof looks good again. You might want to clean your roof section by section so that your entire roof doesn't look chalky until you the buffing process is complete.

Use the suggestions in this article to help you when you're washing your tile roof. Consult a roofing contractor for more pointers that will help your tile roof to continue looking beautiful.