Snow and ice do more to a home than cause your heating bills to increase. If it builds up on the roof, it can cause significant damage. In some situations, the roof may collapse because of the additional weight caused by snow and ice that has collected. By knowing what signs can indicate a potential roof collapse, you'll be able to act quickly and prevent it from happening.

Warning Signs of a Roof Collapse

Your roof has the biggest potential to collapse during the winter due to the weight caused by snow and ice, but it can collapse at any point in the year when it is on the verge of collapsing. Roofs that are in danger should show some warning signs prior to it happening.

For example, you may notice that the roof sags in certain places, or there could be leaking during the year. Some key warning signs will include the following:

  • Deformities or bends in the supports or framing of the roof
  • Doors and windows in the home that are difficult to open
  • Utility pipes that are bent
  • Noticeable masonry cracks

If you notice these signs at any time of the year, have a roofing contractor come out to your home and inspect the problem for you. They will be able to assess if you are better off repairing the problem or replacing the entire roof.

When you catch the problem early, there are some things you can do to prevent the problem from getting worse.

Preventing a Roof Collapse

The winter is one of the most crucial times to be taking preventative measure to keep snow and ice off your roof, and should be done when it is safe to do so based on the weather conditions. That's because snow can weigh a roof down and cause leaks to occur. Buying an extendable roof rake will allow you to easily pull down snow that has collected on the roof while safely on the ground.

Make sure that you clean out the gutters prior to the winter. Clogged gutters will not leave any room for water runoff to go, which brings the snow and ice closer to your roof. Once ice gets underneath your shingles, it can cause the roof to sustain structural damage due to leaks.

Having a well insulated attic will prevent the roof from getting hot. Hot spots in a roof will cause snow to melt and form into ice in cooler sections, which can cause an isolated buildup of ice.

If you have ignored preventative steps and your roof is in need of repair, contract a professional roofer like Kelley Roofing in your area for help.