Queen Anne houses might have the most eclectic look of the Victorian homes built in America. The Queen Anne features asymmetrical elements throughout but especially on the roof, which often combines a gabled main roof or roofs with towers or turrets and a number of dormers. The complex roof makes a statement deserving of the best roofing material.

If you own a Queen Anne home that's in need of roof restoration, there are a few roofing materials in particular that are well-suited to the style. Discuss the options with your roofing contractors to see if one of these materials would best suit your specific needs.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles can help keep your budget low now and keep your maintenance needs low in the future. Asphalt is also a great lightweight material for the gabled roofs, which tend not to have sufficient bracing to support heavier materials like slate tiles.

But are asphalt shingles attractive enough for a Victorian home, even if it is eclectic? Asphalt fabrication has evolved over time and modern methods produce shingles that are available in a variety of colors to match any design scheme as well as textures that can mimic wood or slate.

If you're not sold on using asphalt all over the roof, you can keep the material on the gable and go for wood, slate or clay for the dormer roofs or turret roofs. These protrusions have smaller roofs so your overall budget costs will remain relatively low.

Metal Roofing

The multiple aspects of a Queen Anne roof can also create multiple areas where roofs overlap and where roofs form sharp, tricky corners or connecting points. While waterproofing is always a concern and focus in roof replacement, the Queen Anne's roof shape can make this trickier than usual. That's why you might want to incorporate metal roofing into your project.

Metal roofing fabrication, like asphalt, has come a long way from the days the material was only used on sheds or shacks. The material can be cut into shingles and dyed a variety of colors. Most importantly, metal roofing is bendable, which means the metal can make it around those tricky connecting points.

And the metal roofing has a slick surface, which helps whisk water quickly away from the lower roofs, which might receive runoff from upper roofs. For more info on metal roof repair, click here.

Wood Shingles

Want to stick with a more classical roofing material for most or all of your Queen Anne roof? Wood shingles might be the best bet, as the material is still far lighter than slate or clay and thus can be used on both the gabled roof and the turrets or dormers.

Wood shingles are cedar and can be stained a variety of wood stain colors. The textured shingles create a cottage-like appearance when installed that can further accentuate the lines and elements of the Queen Anne roof. The purposeful gaps between the shingles also helps water drain easier off the lower roofs.