If you want your home to have a greener home, adding skylights can be a great way to give you natural light and provide passive heating.  When skylights first started being installed in homes, they were often a source of problems with leaks. Today, the technology has improved but there still may be some things you want done to protect against leaks. Here are some tips to help you prevent problems with your skylights:

1. Install An Underlayment Of Rubber Membrane Around The Opening

A roofing underlayment can be a great way to add an extra barrier of protection around a skylight to prevent leaks. Rubber roofing membranes are thick rubber-like materials that can be cut into strips or bought in rolls to be used as flashing. This can be installed around the window and beneath any roofing materials to seal the window tightly and prevent leaks. Rubber membranes can be used as the sole waterproofing system or you may choose to use them in combination with other materials for better aesthetics and improved water barriers.

2. Have A Roofer Build A Raised Casing With Improved Drainage

Often, water gets into skylights around the edges of the casing and framing of the opening. If your skylights sit near the surface of your roof, contact a roofing contractor and talk with them about building a raised box for your skylights. This can give more area for runoff and allow the sides of the opening to have a slope for better watershed. This may also require a little drywall work inside your home, but it may be necessary if leaks are a continuing problem that you have to deal with.

3. Install Step Flashing Around The Window To Prevent Potential Leaks

Another option that you may want to consider is to install additional step flashing around the skylight. This is a metal flashing that is installed like shingles; one piece will overlap the piece below it, going up the edges of the casing. This can be a good solution in addition to rubber membrane because it can prevent water from getting under shingles and causing leaks in other areas of your roof.

These are some of the things that you will want to consider to prevent problems with a leaking skylight on your roof. You may want to contact a roofing contractor like Homestreet Roofing Inc to help with the installation of rubber membranes and step flashing to keep your skylight free of leaks.