Have you been living in your home for a few years, and do you think your roof looks old and discolored? If so, it may be time to replace the shingles, even if you don't think the roof is 20 years old. Unfortunately, a roof won't last as long as it has the potential to if it isn't inspected regularly and maintained properly.

There are a lot of signs that you can look for from the yard that indicate there are roofing problems. If you see the following issues, you will want to call a contractor about a new roof.

There Are Black Streaks Down the Roof

Black streaks down the roof are a sign of mold throughout the roof and the shingles, and this indicates that the roofing shingles need to be removed. It can take two years of having a leak for a mark of the leak will show up on a ceiling, so the damage may go unnoticed yet may be seen to be substantial when the roofing contractor removes the current shingles on the home.

Dips and Puddles Are Present

Can you see dips in the roof where there are bends in the structure, and do puddles form on the roof every time it rains? If so, the wood underneath the shingles has warped and aged, and there could be a lot of water stagnate under the shingles. Any water concerns need to be addressed right away.

Blistering, Buckling and Bending Shingles

Shingles that are showing blisters, that are bending and buckling, or that are falling off are damaged. The blistering shows that the shingles are getting too hot and that there could be a ventilation problem throughout the roof, and the buckling and bending indicate water issues. Save the fallen shingles so the contractor can examine the reason why the shingles came off the home, and consider using a roof that doesn't require shingles when you upgrade.

There are many great roofing materials you can now have installed on the home that will improve the appearance and the roofing function and that you won't have to worry about for years after installation. A new roof that is installed with metal roofing panels is an option that you see more and more every day because the material is so robust and the panels look good. Find a roofing contractor to come to your home to diagnose your current roofing problem and give you estimates on some newer roofing products. To look at various contractors, check out the sites of contractors in your area.