The Mission Revival architectural style boomed between the late 1800s and the 1920s. Distinct elements include smooth light-colored stucco siding, square support pillars, rounded windows, and parallel upper balcony and lower porch that stretch across most of the home's front. The geometry of the home reflects onto the roof with decorative parapets rising in front of a low-pitch gabled roof.

Mission Revival homes in need of new roofing pose a couple of distinct style and function questions that can help choose the best material. You can discuss your particular needs and answers to these style questions with your roofing contractors for more detailed advice.

Do You Want to Stick with Tradition?

Mission Revival homes often had red clay tile roofs. The bright color contrasted with the white stucco and abutting parapets while the tile texture added visual depth to the home. But you shouldn't feel confined to the original roofing material if you prefer a different style.

Want to go with tradition? Clay tiles are durable and low-maintenance but come with a hefty price tag. Make sure the material fits your project budget before committing to a tile roof.

Hire roofing contractors with tile roofing experience and expertise. Mistakes during installation can damage or break the clay and lead to more project costs in the future.

Does Your Roof Have Adequate Drainage and Waterproofing?

Gable roofs have enough of a slope that water can quickly run off the sides and into the drainage system. But the area where the parapets meet the roof can create valleys that allow water to pool in place. Check to see whether your home has valleys and discuss the need for drainage and waterproofing with the best roofing companies in your area.

Roofers can put elevated metal flashing in the valley to help steer the water towards the gutters or drains. Your main roof material can be installed over the edges of the flashing to camouflage the metal. Or you could opt for all-over metal roofing to improve drainage, waterproofing, and the energy efficiency of your home.

Is Budget Your Primary Concern?

Do you have a tight budget for the roofing on your Mission Revival home? Stick with a lower cost roofing material like asphalt shingles. The shingles are lightweight, relatively durable, and come in a range of colors that can suit your décor needs.

Nervous about how asphalt will look atop a historic home like the Mission Revival? Bear in mind that the height of your house and the parapets might make the roofing material difficult to see from the curb so you can value affordability and function over style. Contact the best roofing companies in your area for more information.