When you choose roofing for a commercial building, it is easy to focus on reducing installation costs. After all, a solid business model revolves around reducing expenses so that you can maximize profits. However, you can help yourself to save money over the long run, by spending a little more to buy an energy efficient roof. Focus on either installing a white roof or a green roof for the best results. 

Why a White Roof?

You might think that color does not matter because the flat roof that most commercial spaces have is not visible from the ground. Not so fast. A black, asphalt roof will absorb much of the sun's rays and can get as hot as 180˚. While your insulation will help to stop some of this heat, some will still get inside, heat up your building, and cause your AC system to run longer and harder to try to cool your building back down. A white roof will reflect the sun's energy away from your building, and thus help to reduce your cooling costs by as much as 15%. A white roof will cost a little more than an asphalt roof, but in that it will help you to save money over the life of your roof, the extra installation expense is more than justified. 

How a Green Roof Is Even Better

In the case of a green roof, the word green has less to do with the color than what the roof is made from. To install a green roof, workers start with a waterproof membrane. They then add a planting medium and then plant whatever flowers and grasses you want. These plants then soak up the sun's energy and use it for the process of photosynthesis. If any sunlight does reach the planting medium, it acts as insulation to absorb the sun's heat before it can get to your building. Thus, a green roof can reduce your cooling costs by up to 75%. It will cost more to install a green roof than either an asphalt or white roof, but in that you can increase your energy savings with a green roof, again the extra cost is justified. 

If you have the money, a green roof is a good choice because not only does it help to keep cooling costs down, but it can provide several other advantages over traditional roofs. However, your basic rule of thumb when choosing a roof should be to buy the most energy-efficient commercial roofing you can afford for your business, which may mean buying a white roof instead of a green roof. You can go to site for more commercial roofing ideas.