When it comes to roof coatings, silicone has been a viable option for a couple of decades. Unfortunately, some people are still not clear about what the advantages of using silicone can be, and if it is worth the price to add to a roof.

You could be looking to fix a roof that is rusty and leaky, or simply want to give the roof a brand-new look. In either situation, a silicone coating can give you many benefits that cannot be found with other materials like aluminum or acrylic. Know the many benefits of using silicone so you can decide if it will be worth the cost.

Installation Process

A silicone roof coating will be applied with a spray, which makes it incredibly easy to have applied to your home's roof. The roof coating will also dry quickly, with it only taking about a day, even if the weather is dry, humid, or very hot. This is unlike competing coating products that will have difficulty drying if it is hot or if there is high humidity. This makes silicone the ideal coating material to use, no matter what climate your home is located in.

The installation is also easy because silicone can be installed on your home's current roofing material. This will save you money in labor, since any previous coatings don't have to be taken off before silicone is applied to it. Silicone just needs the surface to be washed before a coat is applied to it.


Know that the silicone formula for roof coatings has evolved over time and has become a very versatile material. The material commonly used is called high-solid silicone, and can be used to restore a roof by covering leaks, rust, dents, and imperfections in the surface. This makes silicone an ideal coating material when compared to the cheaper alternatives. With one coat of silicone, you can have a high performance roof coating that provides great protection.

Low-solid silicone coatings exist as well and can be used for recoating a foam roof. Low-solid silicone can help get into those small dimples in a foam roof, giving it much-needed protection from the hot rays of the sun.

For more info on silicone roof coatings, talk to a roofing repair company like HomeTowne Roofing. They can give you a consultation that includes an estimate for installing a silicone roof coating on your own home.