Some homeowners are a bit leery of replacing their roof with a "cool roof," but there's really nothing to be afraid of other than the initial investment of time and money. In fact, it's likely that you'll not only find a cool roof to be an improvement in terms of efficiency but also will actually be delighted with its performance. Here are two reasons why this could be the case.

1. Attic temperature moderation

One of the frequently cited benefits of a cool roof is a more comfortable living space, which can certainly apply to your house if your AC unit isn't up to the job or if you frequently have long heat waves in summer. (AC systems are designed to cool during normal summer days but may fall behind in a prolonged heat wave). However, there are more reasons than just comfort to love the temperature-moderating effects that a cool roof has on your house. For example, if you have an attic, it'll be much more possible to store stuff up there without having it melt or crack from the heat. You still might not want to store candles and other wax items up there, even with a cool roof, but it'll be a much better place overall for either storage or other uses, like setting up an art studio if you have a particularly spacious attic.

2. Savings of time, energy, and more

A cool roof can save you in terms of energy, repairs, time, trouble, and greenhouse-gas production. You won't need to repair the roof as often if it's designed to be cool because it won't absorb as much heat during the day and consequently won't suffer from thermal shock. But in addition to needing roof repairs less often, you may even need AC repairs less often, especially if you have other passive cooling techniques in the works. And because a cool roof can last longer than a conventional roof (especially if you choose a long-lasting material such as metal), you'll be saved the trouble of replacing your roof every couple of decades because your roof will last longer. If you choose metal roofing material, your roof may last several times as long as your last asphalt shingle roof (depending on circumstances).

There are many other benefits involved with owning a cool roof (such as tax credits and other money savings), but these are just two that you may notice after you get your cool roof and that may help you realize what a great bargain it was. 

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