When the wind begins to blow during a summer storm, you want to keep things drive to prevent serious damage. This often means that your roof is going to need emergency repairs to stop the leaks and the damage. You may need to do things like replacing shingles or patching small holes with roofing cement. Here are a few emergency repair tips that will help keep you and your home dry:

Replacing a Shingle to That Has Been Blown off the Roof     

Wind blowing off shingles during summer storms is a common problem that causes damage to homes. Usually, this wind damage is isolated and only blows off as shingle are two. To ensure this minor damage does not lead to leaks and major water problems, you may want to go ahead and replace a single if it is missing to ensure your home is safe. If there are large sections of shingles missing in isolated areas, it is best to contact a professional roofing contractor to inspect your roof and help with the needed repairs.

Using Asphalt Roofing Cement to Patch Small Holes and Repair Minor Damage

Asphalt roofing cement is used for different types of roofing projects, which include order flat asphalt flat roofs and for repairing asphalt roofing materials like shingles. You can purchase asphalt roofing cement in large cans by the gallon or in caulking tubes that manufactured especially for repairing materials on residential roofs. These materials are handy to repair minor leaks during the heavy summer in fall storm seasons. For punctures you will want to use the asphalt cement that comes in caulking tubes. However, for repairing tears on shingles another large repair, it is better to have a large can of asphalt roofing cement to patch a roof.

Installing an Emergency Tarp to Keep Your Home Drive While Waiting on Help

Sometimes the roof repairs that need to be done after a storm are too much for you to handle on your own. Roofers may also be busy which means you will have to wait on repairs to be done. To protect your home from further damage you will want to install emergency tarps to keep water away from roof damage and leaks that need to be repaired.

Being prepared for emergencies often means having the right materials to do an emergency repair to areas like the roof. If recent storms cause damage to your roof, contact a professional roofing contractor, like RLHayes Roofing & Repairs, to help complete the repairs and keep your home dry.