Roofs are exposed to different elements, disturbances, and distress 24/7 throughout its lifetime. Yet, due to an "out of sight, out of mind" attitude, many roofs actually receive limited maintenance. As it comprises about 70% of the building's exterior, the roof should actually receive at least 60% of the building's maintenance budget.

If you're not maintaining your roof, you might see the following problems.

Damages Due to Debris and Moisture

The "out of sight, out of mind" attitude discourages many building owners to keep their roofs clean. Little did they know that their roofs are actually accumulating moisture and debris which attracts birds, insects, and small rats. Altogether, these things result to molds and rots not only in the topmost layer of the roof but also in its insulation system, membrane, and deeper layers. It is advisable to conduct high-pressure water cleaning in the roofing system at least once a year to remove fungal growth and shoo away small pests.

Damaged Sealants

Caulking and sealants applied in joints are among the most vulnerable components of a roofing system. Caulking and sealants require periodic care or otherwise, there will be cracks or joint separations that let moisture penetrate into the roofing system. The damage from moisture entering the roofing system can go a long way if left without maintenance. Make sure that you hire local roofing services such as Seagate Roofing and Foundations to reapply caulking and sealants at least once a year or as often as needed.

Damaged Drainage

Roof membranes are designed to get small puddles and not ponded water. Without properly maintaining your roof's drainage system, it may retain large amount of water exceeding the building's structural capacity. Over a long period of time, areas with accumulated water may collapse or drip in curbs, walls, vents, and even HVACs. Damaged drainage without proper routine maintenance affects not only the roof but the whole system too. Have your trusted roofer inspect the building's drainage system at least once for seasonal changes.

Out of sight, out of mind justifies why roofs often receive limited maintenance. True enough, many building owners forget to inspect their roofs until significant damages arise. Without regular maintenance, you'll see damages due to debris, moisture, worn out sealants, and blocked drainage system that may affect not only the roof but other components outside and inside the building. If you need a better idea of the health of your roof, reach out to local roofers.