In Northern climates, the type of roofing you have on your home is important. You want durable roofing that will also protect your home from winter weather and energy loss. Today, you have many options for roofing materials that work best in colder climates. Here are some of the choices of roofing materials that you will want to consider for more durability in Northern climates.

1. Steep Slopes and Slate Tiles to Reduce Heavy Snowfall

Snowfall in colder climates can be something that is dangerous and causes damage to conventional asphalt shingle roofs. To avoid problems with snowfall, steeper roof designs and slate tiles are the best solution. The steep roof and slippery slate tiles will allow the snowfall to fall off the roof, so you will not need to worry too much about excessive snowfall and damage to roofing materials or the structure.

2. Durable and Light Metal Roofing Solutions for Cold Climates

Today, the most common type of residential construction is lightweight wood framing. To reduce problems with wood structures in cold climates, metal roofing is a great choice of material. Metal roofing is durable and will also help to prevent heat loss during the winter months to keep your home warm.

3. Synthetic Roofing Materials That Standup in Winter Weather

Synthetic roofing materials are another option that you may want to consider for colder climates. It gives you the option of the look of materials like slate and wood shake materials without the high costs. Synthetic roofing materials are also more durable than asphalt shingles, which makes them ideal for installation in colder climates.

4. Premium Architectural Asphalt Shingles for More Durable Roofing

The most affordable option for lightweight roofing materials is still asphalt shingles. For Northern climates, you can use 3D or architectural shingles, which are more durable and rated to last longer than single-tab shingles. When using asphalt shingles in colder climates, reinforce the roofing with an extra underlayment of shingles at the eaves. This extra layer of shingles at the eaves will help protect your home from leaks and damage due to ice dams that form on the roof during the winter months.

These are some of the choices of roofing materials that you will want to consider for more durability in Northern climates. If you are ready to install a roof on your home, contact a residential roofing contractor and talk to them about the best choice of roofing materials for the climate where you live.