If a few planks of your home's vinyl siding were damaged in a recent storm, then this is a minor home repair you may be able to complete as a DIY project. Replacing vinyl siding planks is simple and requires only a siding attachment tool and a pair of tin snips to cut it.

While most people will leave behind extra matching planks when they initially install the siding so future repairs can be made with the same material, many times the replacement siding has already been used or doesn't exist. When this happens, what's a homeowner to do? Surely, you don't need to re-side the entire house?

If you want to fix your home's wind-damaged siding and can't find any that matches, you can use one of these tips:

Tip: Use Siding Planks from an Inconspicuous Place on Your House

The best way to match your home's siding is to use siding that is already on your house somewhere. For example, if the siding damage is on the front of your home where everyone can see it, then pull off a few planks from the side of your house where the only person who will see it is you. 

In the area where you remove the siding, you should replace it with whatever the closest matching option is available. If the color is unique and you can't find anything close, you could always use spray paint and get it as close to the original material as possible. Once it sits in the sun for a year or two, no one will ever know or care it was replaced.

Tip: Add a Section of Different Siding for Focal Point

If you need to salvage some siding off of your house but don't have anywhere that it is ideal to do so, then you always have the option of replacing a section of it with something completely different. For example, if you love the look of natural stone, then create an area of stone siding. You can do so in the damaged area, or you could create a focal point in one area then use the salvaged siding to make the repair.

Tip: Have a Professional Contractor Make the Repair

Lastly, if you can't figure out how to match or repair the vinyl siding yourself, then you always have the option of asking a professional siding contractor to do it for you. Home siding replacement is a common repair and contractors are experts at matching existing siding in creative ways.