If you have a tree that hangs over your house, it might be doing damage to your roof without you realizing it. A tree can damage your roof in different ways. The trunk might press against the edge of the roof if the tree is still small enough to sway in strong winds. Also, branches that hang over the roof can droop when they're heavy with rain and scrape against the shingles. Here are some tips for dealing with roof damage caused by a tree.

Cut Back the Tree

Before you call a roofing contractor to make repairs, decide what you'll do about the tree. You might be able to hire a tree trimmer to cut off the lower limbs, but consider how much the tree may grow in the future. It could be best to remove the tree if it's so close that it might grow against the edge of your roof or develop heavy limbs that hang over your house. Arrange to have the tree taken care of before you have roof repairs done so the new shingles aren't damaged by the tree.

Hire a Roofing Contractor

The contractor may want to look inside your attic for signs of leaks when assessing the damage caused by the tree. They will also climb up on the roof to determine the extent of damage and the types of repairs that need to be done. When the damage is caused by a single tree, it is confined to a small area, so repairing the roof is probably a better option unless you're just ready to have a new roof put on.

To repair the roof, the roofer removes the damaged shingles. Then, the deck underneath is checked for water damage. If the roof is rotted, then it may need to be cut out and replaced. If the deck is okay, then new shingles are placed into position and nailed to the deck using the old nail holes so there will be no leaks. With the new shingles in place, the risk of leaking from the tree damage is eliminated. If you are dealing with a leaking roof, contact a company like https://www.ratliffenterpriseskc.com today. 

If you happen to have other trees near your roof, be sure you trim them regularly if they need it so your roof stays out of danger. Another thing to consider is that trees make it easy for rats, raccoons, and other pests to get on your roof to cause destruction. While shade from the trees may be nice, trees can be a threat to your roof in several ways when they grow too close to your house.