If you currently have a home that is not sided, you may be thinking of installing residential siding. After all, many types of residential siding, like vinyl siding, is said to make homes easier to clean and maintain. This is true — but other things you have heard about vinyl siding might not be true. For such a popular home material, vinyl siding sure does have a lot of myths floating around about it, and you deserve to know the truth before you decide to have it installed.

Myth: Vinyl siding is brittle.

Vinyl can get a little brittle in really cold temperatures. For this reason, it's not the best material for an item that will have pressure or force applied to it. However, siding doesn't have pressure or force applied to it very often. It mostly needs to protect your home from rain and other less forceful threats. As such, the fact that vinyl can get a little brittle in the cold really does not hold it back as a siding material. Vinyl is still strong enough to protect a home, even in the winter. And if you live somewhere with mild winters, you don't have to worry about this at all!

Myth: Vinyl siding is bad for the planet.

It is true that vinyl is not a natural material, whereas wood, stone, and brick are. However, this does not mean vinyl siding is not earth-friendly. You can buy vinyl siding that is made primarily from recycled plastic, which makes it more eco-friendly. Plus, vinyl siding lasts a long time and does not require harsh chemicals to clean or seal, which gives it an earth-friendly leg up on other house protection materials. Plus, vinyl siding is a good insulator, which means it can help keep your energy bills down. With most energy in the U.S. still generated by burning fossil fuels, this is an eco-friendly advantage.

Myth: Vinyl siding looks boring.

Vinyl siding comes in a variety of styles and colors. These days, siding companies are really getting creative with their products. You can find colorful siding in red or purple, siding that is made to look like bricks or cedar shakes, and so much more. Looks aren't a reason to opt out of vinyl siding because your siding can really look however you want it to look.

Hopefully, you've learned a little more about vinyl siding and are now equipped to make a smart decision about this material for your home.